How to Improve Your Ability to Influence Stakeholders
Written by: Roy Naquin, MBA, PMP | August 21, 2017

You want others to view you as the effective leader. Achieving this vision relies on your ability to influence stakeholders. We often believe influential people were born with natural talent. In reality, developing this skill requires reflecting on our experiences interacting with others. Those who master the art of influence, easily convince others to support their goals.

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How To Avoid The Half-Baked Project
Written by: Roy Naquin, MBA, PMP | August 14, 2017

“This wasn’t what I wanted…,”  she said with a look of frustration. “Why did you buy 2% instead of whole milk? This isn’t going to work… You’ll have to go back and get the right one…” Something as simple as “Can you grab milk from the store?”, turned into a two and a half hour…
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